i hate when people saying taking selfies is being “self-obsessed” and “conceited” shut the fuck up and let people like themselves






Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.

This sure sounds great. But if you scratch the surface of it, it’s actually pretty ugly.

The basic assumption here is that working class people, people who have regular jobs to support themselves and their families, somehow failed make the right choice in their lives. That or, you know, they’re just not creative people like we are.

There is nothing wrong with having a day job, or deciding that you want to have a day job to avoid living in squalor while you write your novel. No one should feel shamed because they take a job to support themselves and their families. That is a thing most of us need to do.

Every job has value. Every job can have elements of passion in it, if you are creative enough to find it. There is value in contributing to your society in whatever manner you can and in whatever manner you have to. That is not a cop out. It’s not something to fill you with regret. All work has value and honour in it, and it would serve us well to respect that instead of dumping it in the “you will regret this” box.

There are many, many ways to work and contribute to society. Not all of them involve having a formal job. Some people cannot work, but contribute through activism, supporting people around them, or asking good questions. Some people raise children to be the best people they can as their contribution. And that’s okay, right? That’s good. That’s valuable. None of that conflicts with creating art, either.

This idea that you shouldn’t have a day job if you’re a creative person is rooted in some really ugly ideas about the creativity and passion of the working class. As long as you believe that art is the kind of thing you can only do when you’re unencumbered by worries about money or a desire to feed your children, you are reinforcing very old barriers to entry. For a long time, art was considered a man’s preserve for this exact reason. Because women always had to worry about children and running a household, and real artists are too passionate and creative for mundane things like that. That’s what they have wives for! To worry about the tedious parts of life while they embrace the creative part! Bullshit!

If you are a passionate, creative person and you want to make art, make art. You can do that with a day job. You can do it with a family. Art doesn’t require you to live outside of the rest of humanity. Imagining it does only shuts doors, it doesn’t open any. Let’s not reinforce that master narrative.

Don’t ever imagine that someone working in retail or putting in their time behind a service desk isn’t as artistic, creative, and passionate as you are, or isn’t creating art, just because they opted to get a pay cheque. And don’t think you’re a failure if you need to find a job to pay your bills. Living in the world, interacting with people, seeing how systems function, that’s all fodder for your creative mill. These things can fit together. They can feed one another. And there’s no shame in it. It’s not an either/or proposition.


No, I don’t want to do any of my creative hobbies for a living. Talk about a way of sucking the joy right out of them.

Mail carrying pays the bills and them some, thanks.

Also, there’s not always jobs out there for people who want to do them. Not everyone CAN follow their dreams like this art suggests. Not all jobs are a calling. Someone still has to ring up your groceries at the store and fold clothes in the mall and clean up after your meal in a restaurant, okay?

I cringed reading that comic, and then was so relieved to see the comments below it. Yes, ALL of this.

This comic simply advocates that you widen your perspective. Aim to do what you want as an individual, and don’t succumb to security under pressure.
Objectively, or in the scope of the entire universe, authority figures and economics are not a measure of what you can or can’t do.


Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day

Don’t you find it odd,” she continued, “that when you’re a kid, everyone, all the world, encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you’re older, somehow they act offended if you even try.
Ethan Hawke, The Hottest State (via quotes-shape-us)







#can we please discuss the fact that this movie was made by Americans

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Nobody has to deal with americans more than other americans.

I am an american and I can verify that this is indeed true.

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hi yes this is my life rn

When you meet someone equally as weird as you






I feel like this is essentially how all of my friendships start.


Pascal Meunier: Damascus, Syria (1997)

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